Get started!

Your way to an ICDL/ ECDL Certificate includes only 4 steps!

1) Choose a certificate to suit your personal goals and professional or academic situation. You can choose from our list of modules or certify your skills with one of our recommended profiles  Base, Standard or Expert. The syllabus which contain skills and knowledge tested in each module will help you to make an optimal decision. Look at the syllabi.

2) Prepare. There is no compulsory training or any type of preparation for undertaking the ICDL/ ECDL exam. If you are ready, you can register for the exam. However, we recommend you to check your skill level and knowledge for the syllabus. If you need any training, you can contact our accredited exam centre, which will be more than happy to help you. You can also study on your own.

3) Take the exam. When you are ready, find the closest ICDL/ ECDL Test Centre and register for the exam. Registration includes buying the ICDL/ ECDL skills card. All information about exam dates, prices will be provided by ATC. You can take the exams within the longer period while the skill card is valid. Before the exam do not forget to check exams regulations, demo tests, and actual dates of exams  and ATC software platforms.

4) Receive your certificate. After successfully completing your exams, ask the ATC to issue the ICDL/ ECDL certificate. You can decide which modules will appear on it. After completing another exam, the ICDL/ ECDL certificate can be issued again. The certificate is bilingual Slovak – English and is open ended. Electronic access to the personal data.